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Shadow Fight APK offers an electrifying combat experience on your mobile device. This action-packed game combines RPG elements with intense martial arts battles, as you journey through a captivating storyline. Unleash your warrior skills, upgrade weapons, and challenge formidable foes in a dark, shadowy world. Download now for ultimate fighting thrills!
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19 June 2023
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About Shadow Fight Apk

⚔️ Shadow Fight Apk- Fight against other players in free online 3D fighting games. Participate in 2 player PVP battles or brawl with friends for fun or play offline against smart robots. Welcome to the kingdom of ninja!⚔️

★★★ Best Mobile Game of 2020 (Dev GAMM Awards) ★★★
★★★ Shadow fight game has been downloaded over 500 million times ★★★

Shadow Fight Apk is a 3D fighting game that turns you into Shadow, a warrior who equips himself with many different weapons to try to defeat all the enemies in his path.

Throughout the Shadow Fight adventure, you’ll encounter all kinds of enemies, each with their own unique look, size, and behavior. You’ll meet very aggressive opponents who attack you constantly as well as others who will be able to anticipate your mistakes.

Shadow Fight Apk

Although you can fight with your bare hands using only your feet and fists to attack your enemies, in Shadow Fight you can also buy and use dozens of different weapons and spells. Swords, axes, staves, fire spells… it’s all in play when it comes to winning battles.

The combat system in Shadow Fight is a bit different from most 2D fighting games. To control Shadow, your hero, use the directional stick. Also, depending on where the joystick is when you press the attack button, you’ll perform different moves.

Shadow Fight is a 2D fighting game with great graphics. Its aesthetics and character animations stand out. A large number of enemies and weapons also give the game a lot of variety.

Features of Shadow Fight Apk

Immersive 3D Graphics

  • The game’s realistic 3D graphics and animations immerse you straight into the epic combat action.

easy order

  • Control your hero like in the best classic fighting games and experience console-level combat on your mobile device.

PvE story mode

  • Fight against AI opponents in a story mode that brings you closer to the heroes and tells new stories in the world of shadow fighting!

fun multiplayer battles

  • Build a team of 3 heroes and fight in online multiplayer mode. You win a battle only when you can defeat all the opponent’s heroes in an epic battle. Or battle offline against advanced machine learning bots! If you are tired of the monotony of Mortal Kombat or Injustice then this game is for you!

epic hero

  • Build a team of best warriors, samurai and ninjas. Collect and upgrade all the heroes – each with unique abilities that you can modify and adjust to your style.

hero talent

  • Level up and unlock cool ninja skills and be like Naruto! Pick the talents that best match your play style, modify them and experiment to increase your win rate. Decide which style is the most fun!

battle pass

  • Every month a new season starts – Get free chests and coins to win! A membership gives you access to premium cosmetic items and allows you to collect free bonus cards without ads.

fight between friends

  • Find out who is the best Shadow Fight player: Challenge a friend to a PvP duel. Send an invite or join a friend who’s already playing – you can practice seriously or just fight! You can even beat advanced bots offline to train your skills!

cosmetic items and customization

  • Cool Hero Skins – Win in Style
  • Emotes and Taunts – send them to your opponent during battle to show your superiority or thank them for a good game
  • Epic Stunts and Ninja Moves – Celebrate your victory with cool 3D action animations

be the best fighter

  • Arena is easy to learn, but to become a true multiplayer master, you’ll need to watch tutorial videos, practice with friends, and be part of our active community.

Online PvP Tournament

  • Participate in tournaments for rewards and cool new experiences. First place will net you great rewards, but a few losses and you’re out. Take part in another tournament to fight again for victory!


  • Chat with other players on Discord, in our Facebook group or on Reddit. Be the first to receive all the latest news and learn the secrets of other players. Invite your friends and have fun!

Key Features

  1. Intense Martial Arts Combat: Engage in thrilling, action-packed battles using a variety of martial arts techniques.
  2. Unique Shadowy Visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world filled with shadows and striking animations.
  3. Story-Driven Gameplay: Follow an intriguing storyline as you progress through challenging missions and uncover secrets.
  4. Upgrade Your Warrior: Customize and enhance your fighter with powerful weapons, armor, and abilities.
  5. Multiplayer Battles: Challenge friends or other players in real-time PvP fights and prove your skills.
  6. Variety of Fighting Styles: Master different fighting styles, each with its own unique moves and combos.
  7. Epic Boss Battles: Test your mettle against formidable bosses and claim victory for great rewards.
  8. Daily Events and Challenges: Participate in daily events and special challenges to earn exclusive rewards.
  9. Training Modes: Hone your skills in training modes to perfect your combat techniques.
  10. Regular Updates: Enjoy a continuously evolving game with regular updates, bringing new content and improvements.

Pros And Cons of Shadow Fight Mod Apk


  1. Engaging Gameplay: The game offers intense martial arts combat that keeps players hooked with its thrilling battles.
  2. Stunning Visuals: The shadowy visuals and striking animations create a captivating and visually appealing gaming experience.
  3. Customization Options: Players can upgrade their warriors with various weapons, armor, and abilities, adding a layer of personalization to their gameplay.
  4. Multiplayer Mode: The ability to challenge friends or other players in real-time PvP fights adds a competitive and social element to the game.
  5. Storyline: The game features a compelling storyline that unfolds as players progress through missions, keeping them engaged and invested in the game world.
  6. Regular Updates: With regular updates, the game continues to evolve, introducing new content, features, and improvements to enhance the overall experience.


  1. In-App Purchases: The game includes in-app purchases, which may be required to unlock certain items or progress faster, potentially leading to additional costs for players.
  2. Energy System: The game utilizes an energy system that restricts the number of battles or activities players can engage in within a specific timeframe, limiting the gameplay experience.
  3. Learning Curve: The combat mechanics and moves may have a learning curve, which could be challenging for newcomers to grasp initially.
  4. Internet Connection: Multiplayer battles and certain game features may require a stable internet connection, limiting accessibility for players in areas with poor connectivity.
  5. Repetitive Gameplay: Some players may find the gameplay becoming repetitive over time, especially if they engage in a lot of battles without significant variety in missions or challenges.

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