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Explore the whimsical world of OUTERPLANE! Embark on thrilling quests, meet quirky characters, and uncover hidden treasures. Free to download on Android, this game promises endless fun and excitement for adventurers of all ages.
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DeveloperSmilegate Holdings.Inc
Size148 MB
RequirementsAndroid 7.0 +
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Introduction to OUTERPLANE:

OUTERPLANE is a captivating adventure game filled with quests and challenges. Players explore vast, immersive worlds, encountering unique characters. It offers exciting gameplay with customizable options and social interactions. The game encourages teamwork and strategy, appealing to all ages. Updates regularly introduce new features and content, keeping the experience fresh. OUTERPLANE’s intuitive controls and vibrant graphics enhance immersion. It’s free to download and available on Android devices. Join the community to embark on thrilling journeys and discover hidden treasures.
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Features of OUTERPLANE:

  • Enhanced Quests: Engage in thrilling new quests with captivating storylines.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your character with more outfits and accessories.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Team up with friends for cooperative adventures.
  • Expanded World: Explore new regions filled with mysteries and challenges.
  • Improved Graphics: Enjoy enhanced visuals for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Social Features: Connect with other players through in-game chat and guilds.
  • Seasonal Events: Participate in special events for exclusive rewards.
  • Performance Enhancements: Experience smoother gameplay and faster loading times.
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What’s new in OUTERPLANE?

  • Enhanced Quests: Dive into new adventures with fresh storylines and challenges.
  • Customization Galore: Personalize your experience with a wider range of outfits and accessories.
  • Improved Gameplay: Enjoy smoother performance and faster loading times for seamless gaming.
  • New Characters: Meet intriguing new characters who will join you on your journey.
  • Expanded Worlds: Discover new regions filled with secrets and surprises.
  • Social Features: Connect with friends and fellow adventurers through enhanced social features.
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve squashed pesky bugs to ensure a smoother gaming experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is OUTERPLANE?
OUTERPLANE is an adventurous mobile game where players embark on quests, explore diverse worlds, and interact with unique characters.

2. How do you play OUTERPLANE APK?
To play OUTERPLANE APK, download the app from the Google Play Store, create your character, and start exploring! Complete quests, collect rewards, and customize your avatar as you progress.

3. Are there subscriptions in Download OUTERPLANE?
No, Download OUTERPLANE is free to play with optional in-game purchases for virtual items like outfits and accessories.

4. What are free and paid points in OUTERPLANE Game APK?
Free points in OUTERPLANE are earned through gameplay achievements and daily rewards, while paid points can be purchased to acquire special items or speed up progress.

5. How often does OUTERPLANE App receive updates?
OUTERPLANE regularly updates with new quests, features, and events to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

6. Can I play OUTERPLANE offline?
OUTERPLANE requires an internet connection to access its multiplayer features and sync progress across devices.


Explore endless adventures with OUTERPLANE, a captivating mobile game loved by players of all ages. With its immersive quests, customizable characters, and vibrant worlds, OUTERPLANE offers excitement at every turn. Rated highly by users, it boasts a strong community and regular updates from developer Smilegate Holdings, Inc. Available for free on Android, it has garnered over 1 million downloads worldwide. Join the fun and embark on thrilling quests today with OUTERPLANE!

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