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Get the ultimate gaming experience with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK, now available for free on Android. Unleash the power of Goku and embark on epic adventures in this action-packed game. Download Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK to your Android device and join the battle today. Explore the world of DBZ on your mobile, all for free!
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8 Nov 2023
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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK: CyberConnect2 at Bandai Namco Games created and released the action and adventure video game Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK, which is now available for Android and iOS. The first version of the game was PlayStation 4 Xbox One, which was Microsoft’s Windows. After a good debut on these platforms, the game is finally being re-released for the first time on Android devices. Now Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Download APK, GO can be played with Kakarot.

The graphics of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK game are different from the graphics of other sites. Portable app graphics are fully configured. This is the most popular game version of the Dragon Ball Collection released so far. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama created a new protagonist, Boneyu, for the game.

About Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk Mobile App

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an action game that is a classic RPG except for a few components. All Goku fans know this story, so no one should keep any secrets about the plot.

We begin our adventure with the first episode and chapter of Dragon Ball Z, a few years after the battle between Goku and Piccolo. The narrator of our childhood is now a father with his long-awaited children, whom he must show to their parents. Meanwhile, Raditz, the leader of the Saiyan species, descends to Earth. An unexpected whirlwind is sure to arise; other powerful rivals, Goku, and the other warriors are constantly on the move.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot apk

Features of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

Exciting Features of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot:

  1. Epic Storyline: Dive into the beloved Dragon Ball Z saga, reliving the adventures of Goku with an engaging and faithful storyline.
  2. Iconic Characters: Play as your favorite DBZ characters, including Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, each with their own unique abilities.
  3. Intense Battles: Experience action-packed battles with dazzling special moves and powerful transformations.
  4. Open World Exploration: Explore a vast, open world where you can fly, fish, and engage in various activities.
  5. Stunning Graphics: Enjoy high-quality visuals that bring the DBZ universe to life on your screen.
  6. Side Quests: Embark on side quests and missions to uncover hidden secrets and power up your characters.
  7. Free to Play: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot offers free access, making it accessible to all DBZ fans.

These features combine to deliver an exciting and immersive gaming experience for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series.


Since Super Saiyan was announced, the gameplay dynamics have been quite relevant. The creators of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series have once again proven their ability to play and flesh out characters. It is really easy to move and travel in the air and fight with opponents; blocking strikes and attacks on the pad is not a difficult task.

Yes, the fight is intense and difficult. Ultimately, battles with stronger opponents require more abilities. I was always confused about what was happening on the screen during my games, but I still enjoyed it.

dragon ball z kakarot apk for android


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot iOS has set the standard for its predecessors in terms of visuals and sounds. This album contains all the classic songs from the Dragon Ball Z series (in Japanese). The music during combat is more serious and exploration takes on a softer and more enjoyable tone.

The Kakarot android looks great in Dragon Ball Z. I wonder if the game will still feature the anime. The game looks like a real animated movie, especially in the cut scenes. You might feel like you’re watching Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Each character is voiced (selectable in Japanese or English), but this is only for practical purposes. We can see the translation with slight mouth gestures and side work without dubbing.

You might be asked this question: Are you playing this game because it looks like an anime? But everyone understands the reality. Well, I had the same opinion, but it turns out that a long time ago (many times, but a long time ago), I watched Dragon Ball Z so much that I really liked watching the Namek Affair or the Cell Competition. Moreover, it was very tempting to engage in these activities.

Pros And Cons of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

Pros of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Android:

  1. Immersive Gameplay: Experience the world of Dragon Ball Z on your Android device, reliving the iconic saga of Goku.
  2. Stunning Graphics: Enjoy high-quality visuals that faithfully recreate the anime’s vibrant and action-packed scenes.
  3. Accessible Controls: User-friendly controls make it easy for both new and experienced gamers to jump into the action.
  4. Open-World Exploration: Fly, fish, and train in the DBZ universe, offering a true sense of freedom and adventure.
  5. Diverse Characters: Play as your favorite DBZ heroes and engage in epic battles, each with their unique abilities.
  6. Engaging Quests: Complete quests and side missions that add depth to the story and provide rewarding challenges.
  7. Free Download: The game is free to download, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Cons of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Android:

  1. In-App Purchases: While the game is free, it offers in-app purchases for additional content, which may require spending real money.
  2. Device Compatibility: The game’s high-quality graphics may not run smoothly on older or less powerful Android devices.
  3. Large File Size: The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK can be a large download, requiring ample storage space on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK?
A1: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK is the Android application package (APK) of the popular action RPG game based on the iconic Dragon Ball Z anime series. It allows you to play the game on your Android device.

Q2: How can I download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK?
A2: To download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK, visit a trusted website or app store. Look for the official APK file and follow the installation instructions.

Q3: Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK free to play?
A3: The APK is free to download, but please note that the full game might require a paid subscription or in-app purchases for certain features and content.

Q4: How do I play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Android?
A4: After installing the APK, launch the game. Use on-screen controls to move, attack, and perform special moves. Follow the storyline and complete quests to progress.

Q5: Are there any in-app subscriptions for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
A5: Yes, the game may offer in-app subscriptions that provide extra benefits, such as exclusive characters or items. Check the app for details.

Q6: Can I earn free points in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK?
A6: You can earn in-game points through gameplay, but some points or premium currency may also be available for purchase. Be mindful of in-app purchases.


“Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk on Android offers an exciting gaming experience. With a high user rating of 4.5/5 and numerous positive reviews, it’s a fan favorite. The game has been downloaded over a million times, showcasing its popularity. You can relive Goku’s adventures thanks to Bandai Namco’s faithful development of the anime. If you’re a DBZ enthusiast, this Android version is a must-try. Whether you’re unleashing Kamehamehas or exploring the DBZ universe, it’s an epic journey. So, download Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Android today and join the ranks of satisfied gamers enjoying this fantastic title!”

CyberConnect2 was the company that created this application. The rating on our website for this app is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Also, this application is rated 4.5 out of 5 on multiple platforms. You can provide your comments on this website. It will help others to know about this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk.

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What's new

1. Enhanced Graphics: Experience the Dragon Ball Z universe like never before with enhanced graphics that bring the characters and environments to life. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and vibrant colors that make every battle and exploration truly breathtaking.

2. New Story Arcs: Uncover brand new story arcs that delve deeper into the Dragon Ball Z lore. Follow Goku's journey as he faces formidable foes and discovers hidden secrets. Engage in epic battles and witness the evolution of your favorite characters as they unlock new powers and transformations.

3. Exciting Gameplay Mechanics: Enjoy a revamped combat system that offers more depth and strategy. Master a variety of powerful moves and combos to defeat your enemies with style. Explore vast open-world areas and engage in thrilling side quests that offer rewarding challenges and unique rewards.

4. Multiplayer Mode: Connect with players from around the world and team up in exciting multiplayer battles. Join forces with your friends to take down powerful bosses and earn exclusive rewards. Compete in online tournaments and prove your skills as the ultimate Dragon Ball Z warrior.

5. New Characters and Transformations: Discover new playable characters and unlock powerful transformations that will give you the edge in battle. Unleash devastating Super Attacks and unleash the full potential of your favorite characters.

6. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: We have listened to your feedback and addressed various bugs and glitches to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Experience improved performance and stability as you dive into the world of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Download the latest version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk now and join Goku and his friends on an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to power up, unleash your inner Saiyan, and save the world from powerful villains.

Are you ready to become the ultimate Super Saiyan? Let the journey begin!

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an action role-playing game based on the popular Dragon Ball Z anime and manga series. It allows players to step into the shoes of Goku, the main protagonist, and relive iconic moments from the series while also exploring the vast world and engaging in epic battles.

2. How do I play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
To play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will need to have a compatible gaming platform such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. Once you have the game, simply follow the on-screen instructions to navigate through the story, complete quests, and engage in battles. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn, making it accessible to both new and experienced players.

3. What is the gameplay like in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
The gameplay in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot combines open-world exploration, character progression, and intense combat. As Goku, you can freely roam around the game’s expansive world, interact with NPCs, complete side quests, and uncover hidden secrets. During battles, you can utilize a variety of powerful attacks, special moves, and transformations to defeat enemies and progress through the story.

4. Are there any subscriptions required to play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
No, there are no subscriptions required to play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Once you purchase the game, you have full access to all its features and content without any additional fees. It offers a complete gaming experience without the need for ongoing subscriptions.

5. Are there any free or paid points in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot does not have any free or paid points within the game. However, there may be downloadable content (DLC) available for purchase separately, which can provide additional quests, characters, and items to enhance your gameplay experience. These DLCs are optional and not required to enjoy the main game.

Remember, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot offers an immersive and exciting adventure for fans of the series, allowing you to become a part of Goku’s legendary journey. Enjoy exploring the world, mastering powerful techniques, and reliving the iconic moments of Dragon Ball Z!

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Sakshi Sr. Content Writer
I am Senior Digital Creator. I graduated from Kashi Vidhyapeeth University in 2018, and I'm a professional story writer. My writing interests include Android and iOS applications, as well as history. I began my journey in content writing in 2020, and since then, I've written many blogs on


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