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Download Super Tank Rumble MOD (Unlimited Money / Jewels) APK Android version for free. Here you can easily play this game and upgrade to MAX with unlimited gold coins. This is great for beginners, you can download the official apk, it's 100% safe, and this) Super Tank Rumble APK is great now, enjoy it. Here you get it all working in a hurry.
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DeveloperSmilegate Megaport
Updated22Feb 2024
Size83 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up
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About Super Tank Rumble

super tank rumble ApkRoutecom

Super Tank Rumble MOD (Unlimited Money and Jewels) APK Download Here, you can easily play this game and upgrade to MAX with unlimited gold coins. This is great for beginners; you can download the official apk; it’s 100% safe; and now download the amazing Super Tank Rumble APK and enjoy it. Here you are working it in a hurry for everyone.

What is Super Tank Rumble?

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If you are a big tank fan, you will love this game! Super Tank Rumble is a tank-fighting game where you can control tanks. The goal of this game is to destroy and win the opponent’s tank first. Does it look easy? If the enemy also has tanks, it’s not that easy. When you try to overtake your opponent, it’s a contest of wisdom and strategy.

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You can dodge and aim at enemies according to your wishes. However, you need to be careful not to damage it too quickly. In addition, there are various modes to play in this game. But perhaps the biggest feature we’re most looking forward to in this game is designing and building your tank. crazy! Turn your imagination into reality and fight other players! Continue reading below for more information.

Features of Super Tank Rumble

Make a tank

Make your tank!
Make your tank unique with different parts!

Fight players with tanks!
Become the best tanker in the world!

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Parts collection and upgrade

Collect about 100 kinds of parts to make a better tank!
You can make your tank stronger by upgrading the parts!


Share your photos and battle videos!
Accept the challenge and form the best clan with your friends!

New Features

Players from all over the world are waiting for your challenge!

Create your own Super Tank and take part in today’s global battle!

Become a champion!

The best tank truck!

super tank mod apk ApkRoutecom

[Game Features]

▣ Let’s make a tank Let’s make our tank!

Make your tank unique with multiple parts!

▣ Fight the players in the tank!

Become the best tanker in the world!

▣ Collect and upgrade parts, collect about 100 different parts, and make the best tank!

You can upgrade the tank by upgrading the parts!


super tank rumble mod apk ApkRoutecom

When you participate in battle, you need to control the tank smoothly and flexibly to defeat the enemy. Fires bullets at enemies and damages them. All players have a certain amount of HP. If the HP bar is 0, you lose

However, Super Tan Conramble has a very interesting mechanism. After some damage, the fuel tank parts will fall and become unusable. This move shows that manufacturers want to make their games more reliable and more tactical than pure action. If you want to win, you have to do everything to avoid your opponent’s shots.
Super Tank Rumble has introduced various modes to meet the needs and situations of all gamers. However, whether in PvP or PvE mode, the game is still very fast and requires versatility and originality.

Assemble the tank in a unique way

In addition to fiery battles, Super Tank Battles also provide a mechanism for building tanks with a unique design. By participating in all game modes, you can get tank components such as barrels, chains, toolboxes, and even wheels to complete your tank. There is no need to assemble the vehicle according to a specific frame. As long as it works and helps you beat your opponents in the game, you can make them “freestyle” in any way you want. Have you ever thought about a 5-tube tank? Do everything you like with Super Tank Rumble!

However, pay attention to the levels and statistics provided by each component. It’s possible to use them correctly, but if that’s not possible, your tank is no different than a pile of scrap being moved.
In my opinion, this could be one of the most interesting features of the Super Tank Rumble. This is a very magical feature that awakens creativity. Build your dream tank and put it into battle!

Share your design with everyone

Super Tank Rumble promotes player cohesion and helps each other around the world. Feel free to share any ideas for powerful war machines with other players. By doing so, you can make a relatively large amount of money in the game. Conversely, you can also buy good designs from other players.

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