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Friday Night Funkin's is a music rhythm game where you can play freestyle music battles. If you press the arrow keys in time with the music, you can enjoy a cool beat that surpasses your opponent!
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July 09, 2021
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About Friday Night Funkin Apk

Friday Night Funkin APK is a music game. You need to kiss him and then know the rhythm that impressed his friend’s father. Friday Funkin is a 2010 game that has had some success on the PC version and is compatible with Android based on popular demand. It has been successful on platforms such as TikTok and Twitch, with thousands of users recreating games on these platforms, mimicking movement and dance with the most original videos.

Friday Night Funkin is a music rhythm game in which you can play freestyle music battles. If you press the arrow keys in time with the music, you can enjoy a cool beat that surpasses your opponents!

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Friday Funkin Night game is inspired by PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution. The game revolves around two characters, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and their goal of kissing at the end of the night. However, the boyfriend must first overtake his father. He needs to impress his beloved father by playing your best music! There are other enemies along the way, so be prepared to defeat them with the power of music.

Features of Friday Night Funkin Apk

This romance and dating story is very fascinating to many. You will enjoy more things not mentioned here in the game. Therefore, it can only be fully understood when you start playing it. However, the main functionality is here.

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  • Easy game machenism
  • Have proper initial inspection
  • Android games that are friendly and customizable to everyone
  • Anyone can learn immediately.
  • This is a game based on a story.
  • Music lovers can easily control an addictive
  • Dad’s rhythm tests your sense of music
  • It’s like a wonderful game.
  • Guessing the notes is fun.
  • It will make you happier.

The Story

You already understand the main ideas of Funkin Friday Night. Now you need to understand the game avatars. You will see various characters in the game. However, there are three major players in this game. Let me explain briefly.

  • Boyfriend : This is a 19-year-old boy who plays the main character in this story. He must prove that he is a talented rapper and has a good knowledge of music. He wraps on the girl’s father. There is no doubt that he faced various challenges when he met his girlfriend. You will play this role when you start playing this game.
  • Girlfriend : The whole story revolves around the girl you worked hard on. In fact, winning a rap battle with her father is a symbol of reward for the boy. Her appearance is very attractive and fascinates men.
  • Girl’s father : You can call him the villain of your love story. You must accept his musical work and challenges, as he will never let you date his daughter. If you can’t guess the rhythm correctly, he slaps you. Even he will fire you with a big mistake.

Rule of Game

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