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About Voloco APK

Voloco Apk is an app that anyone can use to add great sound effects to their voice. The app offers many amazing features, such as an intuitive interface, a variety of editing tools, excellent sound effects, and many more.

One of the best things about Voloco is that it offers a custom interface, which means you can customize the interface with your settings. This allows users to have the combination of features and tools that they use regularly. Whether you want to create harmonies or add effects, there is an interface tailor-made for you.

Similar to Smule, the app has a variety of editing tools that allow users to insert several unique sound effects. These sound effects can be used to make your voice sound different or to create interesting voice patterns. It also includes several voice presets that can be used to create professional-quality voices in seconds.

voloco apk

Enjoy the ultimate experience of setting any beat you like right from your device. You don’t need any experience or prior knowledge of music theory, because this app will do all the work for you. Simply select a beat and Voloco will automatically adjust the pitch and timing to make it perfect.

Voloco is a mobile recording studio and audio editor that helps you perform at your best.

Features of Voloco APK

50 million downloads
Singers, rappers, musicians, and content creators have downloaded Voloco 50 million times because we amplify your sound and let you create recordings like a pro with intuitive tools and free beats. Create music and content with Voloco, the top-rated singing and recording app. Record stunning tracks, demos, voiceovers, and video performances today with this audio editor and voice recorder.

studio sound without a studio
Feel like a professional: no studio, mic, or complicated software needed, just our recording app. Voloco automatically removes background noise and lets you correct the pitch of your voice to keep you listening. Voloco also gives you a variety of presets for compression, EQ, auto-vocal tuning, and reverb effects to fine-tune your recordings to perfection. Try singing karaoke in perfect pitch in Voloco, the best audio editing app.

free beat library
Choose from thousands of free beats created by top producers for rapping or singing. Unlike other singing apps, Voloco automatically detects the key of the beat to make sure you’re in tune.

Import your beats for free
With Voloco, you can use your beats for free when recording.

Process existing audio or video
Applying Voloco effects or beats to the audio you’ve recorded elsewhere is easy in our audio editor. You can also apply Voloco effects like reverb or auto-voice tuning to voices in a pre-recorded video; use Voloco as a voice recorder and changer. This voice recording and changing app lets you import videos of a celebrity interview and add effects to make them sound like a child or an angry alien. be creative!

remove vowels
Isolate vocals from existing songs or beats with Vocal Remover and create something incredible. Want to listen to Elvis with pitch correction? Import a song, isolate vocals with Vocal Remover, choose an effect, add a new beat and you’ll have a memorable remix in no time. You can also isolate and edit voices from video clips or try using Voloko as a karaoke app by separating voices with our voice remover tool.

If you want to finish your mix with another application, it’s simple. You can rap or sing over a track, record yourself, and simply export your vocals to AAC or WAV format for final mixing in your favorite DAW.

best titles
Check out some of the professional-quality tracks users created while recording with Voloco in the Top Tracks section of the singing and recording app.

edge pad
Write your lyrics to have everything you need to make a quality recording right in the app or start karaoke with your friends.

50+ effects
Voloco offers more than 50 effects, grouped into 12 predefined packs. Explore basic effects like reverb and auto-voice tuning or change your voice in a voice recorder and changer.

  • Starter: Two versions of Auto Vocal Tune, a Rich Harmony preset, a Monster Vocoder, and a Clean preset for noise reduction only.
  • LOL: Fun effects include vibrato, drunken melody, and vocal fry.
  • Scary: aliens, monsters, ghosts, and more.
  • Talkbox: Classic and future electro-funk sounds.
  • Modern Rap I: Add width, thickness, and stereo weight to your voice.
  • Modern Rap II: Extended harmonies and effects, perfect for improvisations.
  • P-ten: extreme pitch correction and seventh chord. Perfect for R&B and rap rhythms.
  • Bon Hiver: Great harmonies and auto-tune vocals in the style of Bon Iver’s song “Woods.”
  • 8-bit chip: beeps and boops like your favorite 80s games
  • Daft Punk: Funky Vocoder sounds a lot like a certain French electronic duo.
  • Sitar Hero is inspired by Indian classical music.

Pros And Cons of Apk


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Voloco APK boasts a straightforward design, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all levels.
  2. Real-Time Effects: Instantly enhance your vocals with a range of professional-grade effects, adding a touch of magic to your recordings.
  3. Auto-Tune Brilliance: Perfect your pitch effortlessly, making even novice singers sound like seasoned pros.
  4. Versatile Presets: Tailor your sound with customizable presets catering to various music genres, allowing for a personalized touch.
  5. On-the-Go Studio: Record and edit vocals wherever inspiration strikes, turning your device into a portable recording studio.
  6. Harmony Filters: Create harmonies and layered effects easily, elevating your music to new heights.
  7. Social Media Integration: Seamlessly share your creations on social platforms, connecting with your audience instantly.


  1. Learning Curve: Some users may find it takes a bit of time to explore and master all the app’s features.
  2. Device Compatibility: While widely compatible, a few older Android devices may experience performance issues.
  3. Limited Editing Features: Advanced users seeking intricate editing options might find Voloco somewhat limited in this aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Voloco APK, and how does it work?
A: Voloco APK is a mobile application that transforms your voice in real-time. It works by applying various effects and filters to enhance your vocals while recording.

Q2: Is Voloco APK free to use?
A: Yes, Voloco APK is available for free on Android devices. Users can download and enjoy its basic features without any subscription fees.

Q3: Are there any in-app subscriptions for Voloco APK?
A: Yes, Voloco offers subscription plans that unlock premium features, providing users with more advanced editing tools and a broader range of effects.

Q4: How can I access the free features of Voloco APK?
A: To access the free features of Voloco APK, simply download the app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can start using its basic functionalities without any additional cost.

Q5: Can I play music while using Voloco APK?
A: Yes, you can play background music or instrumental tracks while using Voloco APK. This allows you to sing along or record your vocals with your favorite tunes.

Q6: What are the paid points in Voloco APK, and how do they work?
A: Voloco APK may offer additional effects or features as paid points. Users can purchase these points to unlock premium content within the app, enhancing their overall experience.


Unleash your inner musician with Voloco APK, the ultimate vocal studio app. Boasting a user-friendly interface, this app transforms your vocals in real-time, making singing a breeze. With a solid rating of 4.5, rave reviews, and over 10 million downloads, users love its creative features. Developed by RESONANT CAVITY, Voloco APK is a trusted tool for music enthusiasts. Join the community, express your musical flair, and share your tunes effortlessly. Download today and let your voice soar—it’s the key to a melodious journey! 🎤✨

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