Locanto: Buy, Sell & Find Services Free for Android

Locanto: Discover the easiest way to buy, sell, and find services locally! Post ads for free, chat with users, and score great deals. It's like a treasure hunt, but better! Join now and connect with your community.
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RequirementsAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduction to Locanto:

Locanto is a free classifieds app for Android. Users can buy, sell, and find services easily. The app offers a user-friendly interface. Categories include jobs, real estate, and personal ads. Users can post ads for free. Locanto also features a chat option. This allows users to communicate directly within the app. Search filters help find specific items quickly. The app is available in multiple countries. It supports various languages for global reach. Safety features ensure secure transactions.

Users can report suspicious activity easily. Locanto updates regularly for better performance. It’s a convenient platform for local buying and selling. Downloading the app is simple and quick. Locanto helps users connect with their local community.
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How to Get Locanto:

Locanto is available in two forms: a website and an app. Currently, Locanto’s app is only available for Android, but there are rumors that an iOS app is coming in the future. The website and app work very similarly and have almost the same features, and the app is highly rated on Android. Signing up for the app and website is free, and you just create an account with your existing Google account, saving you a lot of time and hassle of signing up for a new account.

Registering and posting on the site is free. Downloading the app is also free.

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Features of Locanto:

  1. Easy to Use: Locanto is designed with a simple, user-friendly interface. Post and browse ads effortlessly.
  2. Free Listings: Create and post your ads for free. No hidden charges or fees.
  3. Multiple Categories: Find jobs, real estate, services, and more. Locanto covers a wide range of categories.
  4. Local Focus: Connect with buyers and sellers in your area. Make transactions easier and faster.
  5. Safe Transactions: Locanto provides safety tips and allows users to report suspicious ads.
  6. Chat Feature: Communicate directly with other users through the in-app chat function.
  7. Search Filters: Use advanced search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.
  8. Global Reach: Available in multiple countries and supports various languages.
  9. Regular Updates: Frequent updates improve app performance and add new features.
  10. Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of local buyers and sellers. Make new connections easily.
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1. What is Locanto?
Locanto is a free classifieds app where you can buy, sell, and find services in your local area.

2. How do I post an ad on Locanto APK?
To post an ad, download the app, create an account, choose a category, and fill in the ad details.

3. Is Locanto App free to use?
Yes, Locanto app is free to use for posting and browsing ads. There are no hidden charges.

4. How do I search for items on Locanto Porno?
Use the search bar and filters to find specific items or services. You can filter by category, location, and price.

5. Can I chat with other users on Locanto?
Yes, Locanto has a chat feature that allows you to communicate directly with buyers and sellers.

6. Is Locanto safe?
Locanto has safety measures in place. Users can report suspicious ads and follow safety tips for secure transactions.


Locanto is a top-rated classifieds app developed by Yalwa, boasting millions of downloads and positive reviews. Users love its ease of use and comprehensive features. With a 4.3-star rating, Locanto helps people buy, sell, and find services locally for free. Its user-friendly interface and safety features make it a trusted choice. Whether you’re searching for a job, a home, or selling items, Locanto has you covered. Join the millions who already use Locanto and experience seamless local transactions. Download Locanto today and connect with your community!

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