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Get the optimized GTA San Andreas Lite APK for Android devices. Enjoy the reduced file size, better performance on low-end phones, and enhanced compatibility, while experiencing the iconic gameplay of this classic open-world action game.
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DeveloperRockstar Games
Updated8 July 2023
Size2 GB
Requirements5.0 and up
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GTA San Andreas Lite Apk is a lite version of GTA SA crime simulation game. It is an open world city game named Las Santos. This is a lite version of GTA SA on Android devices and is intended for players who have low-end devices. So, if you are also one of those people then don’t worry because now you can play this game on your smartphone. This game is launched by the most popular and favorite GTA series, Rockstar Games. It was also part of this series which had interesting and spectacular features like jet flight and swimming.

About GTA San Andreas Lite Apk

It is one of the most popular games ever developed for your Android devices. GTA SA Lite is played in a third-person perspective in an open-world environment, allowing players to install the game with highly compressed data and interact with the game world at their leisure. The game is based on the fictional US state of San Andreas, located in Nevada and California. The State of Greater Toronto comprises three metropolitan cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, located in Las Vegas.

Gameplay of GTA SA Lite
This is a single player game about Carl CJ Johnson, who returns from Liberty City to his home in Los Santos after the murder of his mother. Carl reunites with his old friends and family in chaos, and throughout the game he attempts to adjust to his old group, battle rogue cops, and slowly uncover the reality behind his mother’s murder.

GTA San Andreas Lite Apk

The game is based on several real events in Los Angeles, including the feud between the Crips, Bloods, and Hispanic street gangs, the crack epidemic of the 1980s, and the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

Rob Cars & Bikes
The game features a wide range of bikes and cars at your disposal to drive and travel across the city. All you have to do is approach the car and press enter and CJ will take the driver out of the car and rob him. You can also visit any showroom of your choice and get new cars there without any cost. In the game, players can easily pick up any car and drive it easily.

make money by killing people
You can go to public places and kill a lot of people in public. When you beat people, all the money stays on the ground for a short time, and you have to collect all the money that comes out of people’s pockets. You can retrieve them and save them to your account for later use. So it is the easiest way to earn money in the game.

The game offers you a variety of weapons that you use, such as machine guns to RPGs, and RPGs to snipers, all types of equipment are available in the game so that you can operate easily and freely. You can also swim in the sea. You won’t drown in water in this game; So you can go into deep water and dive or swim across the ocean without any problem.

Features of GTA San Andreas Lite Apk

The features of GTA SA Lite Apk are given in the section below, let’s have a look now.

steal car and bike
There is a huge collection of cars and bikes available in this game. All you have to do is walk up to a car and press enter, and CJ will remove the driver from the car and steal it. You can also visit a showroom of your choice and buy new cars there free of charge.

kill people and make money
You can also go to public places and slaughter people. When you kill people, all the money stays on the ground for a while. You can fetch the money and save it to your account.

use different weapons
If you like guns and bullets, there are different weapons you can use. From machine guns to RPGs and RPGs to snipers, the game has all kinds of weapons to use.

fly in helicopter and jetpack
You can find helipads in the city. This is where you will find many jets and helicopters. You can fly them and enjoy the view from the sky. Where there are helipads, there are also jetpacks that you can carry on your back and fly through the air.

swim in the sea
Swimming option has also been added in this GTA SA Lite. Now you will no longer drown in water, but you can dive deep into water or swim across the ocean.

Pros And Cons of GTA San Andreas Mod Apk

GTA San Andreas Lite APK is a modified version of the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game designed to run on low-end Android devices with limited storage and processing power. Here are some pros and cons of using GTA San Andreas Lite APK:


  1. Reduced File Size: The Lite version of the game has a significantly smaller file size compared to the original version, making it easier to download and install, especially for devices with limited storage space.
  2. Better Performance on Low-End Devices: The Lite version is optimized to run smoothly on low-end Android devices with lower RAM and processing power, allowing users with budget or older phones to enjoy the game without experiencing lag or performance issues.
  3. Enhanced Compatibility: The Lite version is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including older models, ensuring that more users can access and play the game.
  4. Data Saving: The Lite version may consume fewer mobile data while downloading updates or additional game content, which can be advantageous for users with limited data plans.


  1. Reduced Graphics and Visuals: Due to the optimization for low-end devices, GTA San Andreas Lite may have reduced graphics quality and visual effects compared to the original version. The game may lack some of the details and immersive elements found in the full version.
  2. Cutback Features: The Lite version may have some features and content removed or limited compared to the original game to reduce the file size and improve performance. This could include fewer missions, vehicles, or interactive elements, potentially impacting the overall gameplay experience.
  3. Limited Mod Support: The Lite version may have limited or no support for modifications or mods, which are popular among the GTA modding community. If you enjoy modding games, the Lite version may not offer the same level of flexibility and customization options.
  4. Stability Issues: While the Lite version aims to provide a smoother experience on low-end devices, it may still encounter stability issues, such as occasional crashes or glitches. These issues can vary depending on the specific device and the version of the Lite APK.
  5. Compatibility with Official Updates: The Lite version may not always be compatible with official updates released by the game developers. This can lead to compatibility issues and potential limitations in accessing new content or features.

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